How are premium themes developed?

le 25 juillet 2013 dans Actualités

Making a premium theme is all about the team effort. Why the focus on “premium” you might be wondering? Well it’s because when you develop a theme and charge money it becomes your responsibility to deliver a product that looks professional and works as advertised. Not only that, but you also need to provide support for it so people can actually get started. We often read about operating and manipulating WordPress and the themes built for it but it’s very rare to know that what actually happens behind the curtains when the themes are in their development stage. So, today we’ll have a closer look at how Templatic premium themes are developed! Market Study The first step of premium theme development is always research. Theme development is not just about the designing and programming but also the commercial aspect. At the end of the day this is still a business so there must be enough demand for each theme that is being created. Every theme maker has its own style of development but generally there are few professionals in every company who take the charge of doing this massive study. We at Templatic prefer to go through both the tangible and intangible markets i.e. online and physical markets. Customer feedback using forums, tickets, live chats etc are also given the equal importance when it is about making something new and useful. We try to figure it out from our collected statistics which kind of theme is really needed by our clients and users. Obviously the majority wins means the theme niche that is preferable by most of our clients is given the primary consideration. Although not as exciting as some of the later parts, research is a necessary step that is rarely overlooked. Also we try to include some common necessities of  the users in our products like responsive design which means that your website looks great on every device including mobile,  Cross browser compatibility and W3C validation. These things increase the flexibility and ease of our products. Mock Ups After getting some rough idea about the new theme from the market study, mock ups are made to see whether the idea has any merit. Mock up tools and services are plentiful these days so the process isn’t that long. Some industries still rely on the good ol’ pen and paper but we find the process too time consuming. When… Read more

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